UdS-News  v.

Diese App zeigt aktuelle News (Feeds) rund um die Universität des Saarlandes an: - Pressemitteilungen - Veranstaltungen - Medien-Echo Weitere Features: - Offline-Modus (bereits geladene News können auch ohne Internetverbindung jederzeit erneut

Magic Words Genius  v.2 2

Magic Words Genius is a funny words game. The goal of Magic Words Genius is to make more valid words and get more higher score, then you will have more powerful magic to attack the green-eye monster.


ADA cartoon solitaire  v.5 3

ADA cartoon solitaire game, the most popular and interesting picture-matching game based on mah jong solitaire. Your goal is to remove all the matching pictures by linking pair of them. The deluxe cartoon solitaire has Animated Background.

ADA Bubble Bomb  v.2 50

Ada bubble bomb is an addictive non-violent bubble puzzle game for all ages. Your goal here is to remove all bubbles from the table. you can clear away 2 or more same color bubbles together by clicking them.

ADA concentration  v.2 80

ADA Concentration needs you match up all the hidden image as efficiently as possible. Click on a puzzle square to uncover the image under it. Click on another piece to uncover a second image. If the uncovered images match, the two pieces will be

Paragon Partition Manager Personal  v.6.0

Sooner or later every user meets a task of hard disk management. Paragon?s award-winning Partition Manager provides easy and reliable hard drive partition creation and full-range management (resize, convert, move, split, copy and mount partitions).

Paragon NTFS for Linux  v.2.0

Paragon NTFS for Linux gives transparent access to any NTFS partition under Linux operating system. So you and any application can browse these drives, read and change files, copy and create new files and folders.

ADA 5-in-a-line  v.3.00

ADA 5-in-a-line is played on a 9*9-squared board, your goal is to align five or more beans of the same mode into horizonal ,vertical or diagonal rows Just click on the bean you would like to move , then click the destination field . you can move game

Paragon Drive Backup 6.0 Personal Version  v.6.0

Protect your working environment from any disaster! Drive Backup is complete and easy solution for hard disk backups, upgrades and cloning. Now backup and restore are more easy tasks than ever before! New Drive Backup supports more technologies and

Paragon Exact Image  v.7.0

Data backup has never been so easy and reliable. The unique Paragon Exact Image solution guides you through the sequence of well-designed, intuitively understandable wizards, while the smart Paragon Engine,

Paragon Mount Everything 3.0 Personal  v.3.0

Paragon Mount Everything provides you with access to almost every file system from the currently running operating system, just like its ?native? file system. The program assigns every partition with a new drive letter, - Gut gefunden!  v.

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